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Phoebe King
Jun 07, 2021
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Can you imagine a crowd of 2.2 billion people? That is enough people to fill the Wembley stadium over 24 thousand times. You might be thinking... why are you asking me that? Well, did you know that worldwide, 2.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water? That's almost a third of our global population who do not have this essential substance, a human right. Water is a fundamental resource for our health, and ultimately everything we do in our daily lives. "The first wealth is health", without it we can not fully fulfil our passions and goals. Lobitos and Piedritas currently has a poorly distributed water supply which is prone to problems. This leads the community to drink water from other sources which are often contaminated with bacteria and salts. Our idea will provide fresh drinking water for each household in Lobitos and Piedritas to ensure they reap all the benefits of a clean water source. This will induce better health, a better livelihood, and a brighter future. #water #waterpurification #health #solardistillation #SDGs #sustainability @Alexandra King @Cian Fox @Edward Johnston @Lee Flanagan @Phoebe King
Team UK2021-016, Ulster University, Vital Vapour: Providing Drinking Water for the People of Lobitos and Piedritas content media

Phoebe King

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