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Charlie Lodge
Jun 09, 2021
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In Lobitos and Piedritas there is a serious sanitation problem. We have designed a system that is comprised of multiple biodigesters in combination with oxidation ponds. All sanitation waste from the town will be plumbed through this system and will be turned into usable by-products such as clean drinking water, solid and liquid fertiliser and building materials. This is achieved through an aerobic microbial reaction within the biodigester which is catalysed by our innovative air diffusion system. This reaction breaks the sewage into a clear effluent and a sludge. The sludge is then removed from the bottom of the biodigester and dried for use as fertiliser or building materials. The water, once processed, can also be removed for use as underground fertiliser, in an irrigation system, or can be plumbed to an oxidation pond where it will be further processed by bacteria, resulting in drinking water. We propose the installation of 3 biodigesters in Lobitos and 1 in Piedritas and plan to renovate the old oxidation ponds which will be sufficient for the town in its current state and its future. The maintenance required by this system is minimal and low cost, and installation is simple. Our solution will solve the towns' sanitation problem and will produce by-products that aid the community in other areas they also desperately need help.
Team UK2021-073: UWE - Biodigesters and Oxidation Ponds content media

Charlie Lodge

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