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Cameron Maxwell
Jun 01, 2021
In Workspace
Plastic waste is a worldwide issue, spoiling beaches, harming wildlife, and its current recycling schemes taking a toll on the environment. Lobitos and Piedritas are currently no different, but our goal is to tackle this whilst using the same plastic to help the community in a number of ways. Our design tackles this plastic waste issue, using several machines to recycle the usable plastics into various items. These items are then to be used to tackle a variety of other problem areas facing the communities, examples include, rainwater collection tanks to provide a clean and reliable water source; classroom supplies to help improve the quality of education, face shields to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and many more. The machines will be powered by a solar array which will feed the additional power it generates into the local grid, helping with the, currently unreliable, grid stability. The size of the project is easily scalable, and the project easily adaptable to problems that may face the communities in the coming future. We encourage you to have a look at the resources we have provided below, we truly believe in this project and really hope that by learning about it, you can too! We'd be really excited to respond to any comments you leave about your thoughts and ideas, we are very open-minded and happy to take any ideas onboard. The team: @Andrew Leahy @Cameron Maxwell @Callum Jardine @Chi Hang Tse @Ross Brown @Seun Ojuoko 🌎 #waste ♻️ #energy 🌞 #water 💧
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Cameron Maxwell

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