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David Curry
Jun 15, 2021
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How often have you used water within the last week? How about within the last day? Or even within the last hour? Can you imagine your life without the access to water that you have? Every human needs water to survive: whether it’s for drinking, cooking, cleaning or use in local agriculture, it is fundamental for life. Yet currently the community of Lobitos does not have access to a reliable source of clean water. ‘Project Pozo’ aims to address this problem in a relatively simple and effective way. Our solution is to utilise a known groundwater source whilst reducing cost by combining it with existing infrastructure, only upgrading and constructing new elements where necessary. A network of wells will be constructed along Quebrada Pariñas I utilising the higher groundwater level caused by the river. A solar powered pump and well system will be used to extract a controlled amount of water from the ground, with monthly checks to assess and prevent permanent change to the groundwater levels. The water will then be carried to a treatment plant and storage area using newly installed pipes before being distributed to homes and businesses in the local area using the existing and upgraded piping network. This solution is relatively cheap in the long-term compared to other options whilst also requiring much less maintenance. It also includes the added benefits of training and hiring of a local workforce to construct and maintain the water network, as well as embedding an element of climate resilience in the design. Altogether this is a solution that can be implemented, improving the standard of living for the area. Design Report: Team: Louise Connolly David Curry William Gunn Thomas Short #Water #Renewable #Sustainable #Clean
Team UK2021-069, University of Strathclyde, Project Pozo content media

David Curry

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