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Louis Kelleher
Jun 16, 2021
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Here at Team RED COG, we wanted to create a product that would be simple to construct and maintain with the knowledge and tools available in the local area, while at the same time delivering a reliable, cost effective way of producing clean drinking water. Our answer to this mission statement is a 2x2 metre box which is covered in slanted greenhouse plastic. Seawater is placed in the base and evaporates from the heat of the Sun, condenses on the inside of the greenhouse roof and slides down to a collection point. Not all of the seawater is evaporated however, and a salt rich brine is left inside the base. This can be easily removed from our solar still and used as a preservative in the packaging of Pig and Llama meat which is popular along the Peruvian coast. Alternatively, this brine water can be placed into evaporation ponds and further purified into salt crystals, which could be sold in the local area and used as another source of income for the community. The simplicity of construction for our product was a vital aspect when we were considering its design. Therefore we created a manual in both English and Spanish which details an easily attainable parts list as well as instructions to build the solar still (pdf down below!). We also created an educational poster and video on our product (with Spanish versions / subtitles) to further teach how our solution operates and is constructed. Another important aspect of any design is the cost. Our product costs 220 Sol (about €50 / £36). This can be achieved after a couple months of saving, and saves the users money in the long term. Our product can be placed anywhere where there is direct exposure to sunlight. Up to 16 Litres of water can be produced every day, which is enough drinkable water for 4 people. By solving the water problem in Lobitos and Piedritas, we aim to help empower the community to expand the local economy and tourism sector, as well as improve the general health and wellbeing of the locals. Please comment down below if you have any questions about our solution. Thanks for reading.
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Louis Kelleher

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