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Mariyana Ramova
Jun 07, 2021
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What comes to mind when you see the number 75? In fact, this is the percentage of human body weight that water occupies within a single person. Similarly, a person could survive for a remarkable 30 days without food but wouldn’t have the capacity to do the same for 3 days when it comes to water. Undoubtedly this is a startling figure and with a reduction of only 4%, one can become dehydrated (with 15% being the fatal limit). Having acknowledged such statistics, it is certainly of utmost importance that as a human race we must strive in all areas of expertise to ensure that all humans have constant access to potable water as part of the necessities in life. So now we know that water is the key component that governs the existence of a variety of life forms (including those in which we consume to stay alive, ranging from plant life to complex organisms), what is the significance here in Lobitos and Piedritas? Well, the Rio River is the main supply of water for 1.1 million Peruvian residents. The issue is that this resource is distributed over 26 towns which places substantial pressure on families and services. Amongst such pressures is due to the demand from agriculture, a fish farm, oil and gas refineries, two hydroelectric dams as well as other industrial activities. For these reasons, our team have proposed a solution which not only uniquely makes use of the salty sea water in the nearby Peruvian waters in the Pacific Ocean (through salt extraction), but also incorporates a state-of-the-art desalination system. We believe that our proposed solution will not only provide an ideal solution to the locals, but will in turn pave the way for both economic and environmental development. Team members: Mariyana Ramova Omar Shobair Muhammad Zubair Shivam Popli #water #energy
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Mariyana Ramova

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